Divine mercy Weekend retreat April 10-12, 2015

A Sacred Site of Prayer and Pilgrimage


Divine Mercy Weekend Retreat

Join us for this weekend, hear Fr. Sullivan’s message , encouraging and challenging us to a deeper awareness of the Mercy of God! Holy Mass, Rosary, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet, Confessions

Call 508-533-5377 


Frank Kelly April 18th 2015

If you unfortunately missed Frank Kelly on March 21st when he gave the most enlightening talk on Revelations 12, you do not want to miss this opportunity Saturday, April 18th, to hear this rarely explained scripture explained by Frank in his own clear and unique way. 

Dealing with Anger...God's Way

Everyone has to deal with anger from time to time. There can be no denying its very powerful and this power is what leads to its incredible potential for destruction. Father Scott presents a vivid and vital way to recognize the difference between overwhelming bitter anger and righteous anger. He provides new spiritual strength to deal with anger in a way that is pleasing to God. It is critical that we learn how to turn the anger and the people who have caused it over to God. 

Betania II

On April 19, 1979, Maria Esperanza created the Betania Foundation, a lay movement destines to evangelize, educate youth, develope the well-being of society, foster family life, and promote social justice. The ultimate purpose of the Foundation is by "loving one another", with the motto. "Shielded in faith to work for a better tomorrow."

Maria Esperanza's Book

Within these pages the essence of Maria Esperanza can be found. This biography describes her human and mystical personality, and the spiritually of Betania. This biography details the remarkable life of Maria Esperanza. A wife, Mother, and Mystic. Here dying in 2004 her cause for Sainthood was opened in 2010.  Click HERE to Pre-order her book!

The Icon of the Black Madonna

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, often referred to as "The Black Madonna", is one of the most ancient and glorious representations of Our Blessed Mother with her Divine Child in the world today! Legend states it was painted by St. Luke the Evangelist, on a cedar tabletop, which was built by Jesus himself. Focus TV was there when the pilgrim Icon made her way around the world arriving in Louisiana. It is our mission at Focus, through this program to allow you to venerate and share in the love and healing of this miraculous image.